28 May-1 Jun 2018 Aussois (France)

15th IWRDD

The fifteenth edition of the international Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA will be held in the French Alps (in Aussois, France) from May 27th to June 1st, 2018. This workshop will bring together physicists, chemists and biologists interested in the field of radiation-mediated DNA damage and consequences. Previous editions, together with organisers are listed below.

  Organizing Committee

The first edition took place in 1988 (30 years ago!) and next year will be the 15th edition. Previous editions (listed below with chairs) were organised all over the world:

1st : Sept 1988     Mulheim, Germany (Schulte-Frohlinde, Von Sonntag)
2nd : May 1990     San Miniato, Italy (Martin Fielden & Peter O’Neill)
3rd : Sept 1992     Oakland University (Mike Sevilla & Bill Bernhard)
4th : Oct 1994       Gleneden, Oregon USA; (Al Fucarelli and John Zimbrick)
5th : April, 1997     Bowness-on-Windermere, UK; (Martin Fielden and Kevin Prise)
6th : April 1999      Chapel Hill, USA; (Steven Leadon & Kathy Held)
7th : Sept 2001      Orleans, France (Melanie Spotheim-Maurizot)
8th : May 2004       Banff, Canada; (David Murray & Michael Weinfeld).
9th : May 2006       Antalya, Turkey; (Miral Dizdaroglu)
10th June 2008       Fukushima, Japan; (Kotaro Hieda & Hiroshi Ide)
11th : May 2010      Atlanta, Georgia, (Paul Doetch)
12th : March 2012   Prague, Czech Republic; (Maria Davídková)
13th : June 2014     Boston, USA (Peter Dedon) 
14th : March 2016   Melbourne, Australia (Roger & Olga Martin)

Since the first edition, special attention has been paid to the involvement of young scientists, mostly through the financial support dedicated to young investigators. 

We hope you will be able to join us for the 15th edition of the International Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA.

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